Will my Warranty be valid ?

A dealership or garage stamp is not a legal requirement for warranty. Your warranty is maintained if your vehicle is serviced to the manufacturers' specifications, NOT if returned to place of purchase.

You may think a dealership service stamp will maintain a premium on the resale value of your vehicle. This is often a false economy. If you keep a car for 3 years, you will pay up to £2,500 more for dealership servicing and maintenance than if you had used an independent garage. A vehicle will not be worth £2,500 more than other similar cars when it is sold on, especially if part-exchanged.

The Office of Fair Trading says servicing at a main dealer typically costs 70 per cent more than at an independent garage. New EU rules say it is not a requirement of your warranty to use franchised dealers for servicing and repairs. However, some manufacturers have been slow to implement the new rules, so, if you bought a new car recently, your warranty terms may still wrongly insist on this, in an effort to encourage you to pay over the odds.

Will you collect my car?

Yes we offer a flexible and reliable service where you can either choose to have your car collected and returned at a convenient time to yourself or you can choose to drop your car to us and you can either collect or we will return it to you. We will collect and deliver vehicles in and around the home counties.

Can you MOT my car?

Yes, although we do not MOT cars directly ourselves we work closely with a local MOT station and can offer you the same level of service as with any other service/repair.

Why should I get my car serviced regularly?

You should keep regular maintenance in order to aid fuel consumption, prolong the life of your car, make your care more reliable and avoid costly breakdowns.

How frequently should I replace my timing belt?

Timing belt interval changes vary between manufacturers and mileage. Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you accordingly.

I have a warning light on; will you be able to reset it?

We use specialist diagnostic equipment to aid diagnosis and aid repair of your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions